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Helping Churches Make Disciple-Makers 

Jesus Plan A for the Church, and there was no Plan B, was for disciples to make disciples who could, in turn, make disciples. But the American Church is failing miserably at this. According to research about American Christian habits…

-The average prayer time is 2 minutes per day

-Only 20% read their bible on a daily basis

-95% DO NOT tithe

-Only 1% have ever discipled someone

-Only 10% have even attempted to share their faith

Even for those who have attempted to share their faith the question is, “Are they even sharing an accurate view of scripture”? According to research, probably not when 83% of Christians believe “God helps those who help themselves” is a bible verse. Where 28% of Christians believe, all roads lead to God. Where 23% of Christians believe that we get to set our own moral standards.

At Plan A we will help your church rediscover how to do discipleship Jesus way, develop a customized plan for your church, and then help you in the deployment of that plan.

We’ve preached the message of Jesus…now it’s time to rediscover His methods!

Jesus mission wasn’t to change the world but to raise up disciple-makers who could! Is your church joining him in that mission?



You will receive a personalized church assessment resulting in a 31-page report covering 9 different areas important in helping us understand where your church is before we determine where to go. In addition, every individual in your congregation will be given a personalized 4-page plan for what next steps they need to take in their own journey with Jesus.


You will receive 12 monthly, 1 1/2 hour, online group coaching sessions covering all aspects of discipleship from preaching to Life Groups and Sunday School classes, to Life Transformation Groups, to 1-on-1 discipleship and a whole lot more.


Over the course of a year, you will receive 4 on-site visits from your coach.


You will receive 26 bi-weekly, 1-hour online sessions where you will get a plan customized just for you and your church.



You will receive 10 additional hours with your coach to be used as you best see fit.

I would recommend any pastor to take their church through the Plan A course for a year. My youth pastor and I were already promoting a disciple making agenda in our congregation for the past two years but were not making as much traction forward as we would like. Gilbert and the guest speakers were able to give us some different ideas and approaches. Not every idea is for every church or situation, but we were presented with some different options that it was kind of easy to find a few that would work in our situation. We really wanted to find an approach that was not Pastoral Staff driven, but instead was based on members of the congregation taken the lead in disciple making and we found that with the Small Circle approach. A one-on-one disciple making tool that promoted individuals to move forward on their Spiritual Journey by leading someone else on their own journey. We are excited by the opportunities.

Mark Halliday

Having served God’s kingdom for 32 years, I’ve experienced seemingly countless seminars, classes, and training sessions designed to grow the church. Plan A, however, has delivered on its promise to help encourage me to create a discipleship culture in my local church. Through monthly Zoom meetings with different disciple-makers from across the nation, to one-on-one Zoom sessions with Gilbert, I have been offered a variety of methods and styles designed to help me develop an intentional plan for making disciples in my church. I would highly recommend that you consider becoming a participant in the Plan A training so your church can be encouraged and trained to continue Jesus’s work of making disciples for God’s kingdom long after you’ve moved on.

Pastor Dale H. Miller, Jr.

I was part of the “pilot” first year Plan A cohort and was incredibly grateful for the time spent with Gilbert and other colleagues in ministry as we studied and discussed Jesus’ “plan A” for discipleship. The group sessions were incredibly helpful learning from others and building a community of like-minded leaders committed to growing and encouraging one another. The one-on-one coaching calls were personally beneficial to helping me grow and develop as a leader. I especially benefited from the guest speakers that Gilbert introduced us to throughout the year; hearing their stories and learning from their successes, mistakes and year of expertise challenged me to assess and reassess my ministry context and discern what would work with my congregation. It was a great year of learning and developing, and I made some great friends along the way as well. In all honesty, I didn’t want to see it come to an end. Thank you Gilbert and team for your dedication to helping leaders and churches become the type of disciples and disciple-makers Jesus intended from the very beginning. 

Tim Bistline

One sure thing about discipleship is that there are many ways to make disciples! Gilbert’s Plan A Discipleship is razor focused on the process of disciples reproducing themselves, using whatever means necessary. Over the year I was exposed to a large variety of techniques, styles and methods in many different contexts and cultures. Honestly, some didn’t fit my personality, but a few hit right in my wheel house! As a direct result of the church assessment that we completed, along with discussions with Gilbert, my leadership team and I are implementing a significant roll out for new small groups soon. I can see and feel the momentum we’re gaining as disciple makers.

Pastor Charlie Zahora

Is Plan A The Right Fit For Your Church?

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Our 4 C’s model will help you go from making disciples to making disciple-makers! Our commitment is to walk with you in an intentional relationship until your church is following Jesus Plan A!


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